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Applied Learning Programme

Our school embarked on Applied Learning Programme (ALP) with the focus on Marine Robotics in 2016. Our ALP (Marine Robotics) programme connects the knowledge and scientific thinking skills our students learnt in the classroom to related real world context as we navigate the future of transportation. This programme seeks to deepen our students’ interest and passion in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) while providing the opportunity to learn life skills, values and competencies to apply their knowledge in the real world context.  


Starting from lower secondary levels, our students will acquire the essential skills in scientific thinking and design thinking, and apply them with their knowledge in Science, Mathematics and Design and Technology in the Marine Robotics programme. Working in teams, our students are engaged in active collaboration, critical and creative thinking to ideate and design prototypes while communicating to influence their team members on the ideas they have. In this programme, our students are equipped with coding knowledge which broadens their perspectives and provides them with a good understanding of the working principles of microprocessors and sensors. Together with their knowledge in Science, Mathematics and Design and Technology, the concepts in these lessons come alive with the integrated application of coding into the sensors of surface and underwater vehicles which they design and build to overcome designated water challenges. 


Students who are keen to stretch their potential in this field of Marine Robotics will embark on a Talent Development Programme in ALP. The Talent Development Programme in ALP deepens their understanding of advance topics in the area of STEM while expanding their horizons through related learning journeys and collaborations with our industry partners such as Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA), Singapore Maritime Foundation (SMF) and Singapore Shipping Association (SAA). Through these activities, our students gained a better understanding of Singapore Maritime History and better appreciate the current and future impact of Maritime industry on Singapore economy.


Students in our ALP programme are empowered to take ownership of their learning and they have the autonomy to decide on their own specialized training programme. The school houses the Tech Alley, a tinkering space for the students to carry out self-exploration of coding and other STEM-related projects. They will also be challenged to excel in the field of STEM by participating in various inter-school competitions such as the annual Shell Challenge organised by the Singapore Science Centre, Underwater Robotics Olympiad and Marine & Offshore Challenge organised by Polytechnics. The school also works closely with National University of Singapore (NUS) to deepen our students’ knowledge in autonomous underwater systems. To reinforce their learning through these experiences, the students will document their products, learning points and reflections in an online e-portfolio, where opportunities will also be provided for the students to share their learnings at school level.


Collaborative work in building Seaperch


Learning Journey to Singapore Maritime Gallery


Launching SeaPerch for water quality study 


Underwater Challenge


STEM-based Coding Workshop

Project Presentation in Shell Bright Idea Challenge