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National Civil Defence Cadet Corps

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National Civil Defence Cadet Corps (NCDCC) is a National Uniformed Group under the purview of the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Home Affairs, Singapore Civil Defence Force. NCDCC believes in developing and empowering our youths to be active & concerned citizens in life-saving skills. NCDCC began its journey in 2005, with focus to develop greater awareness of civil defence in our cadets and prepare them with the skills to respond effectively to emergencies at home and abroad. The attitude of readiness against adversity and practival skills which are critical in the face of danger and emergences are life-long capabilities that our young civil defence ambassadors can have. 



NCDCC’s motto of “We Learn, We Lead, We Serve”, in alignment to the 3 big ideas in Character and Citizenship Education: “Identity, Relationships and Choices”, well encapsulates the journey of NCDCC cadets into the following three phases:





Cadets learn Triangle Of Life skills, which include basic firefighting, first aid and CPR+AED. These are core skills in NCDCC, which enable cadets to help themselves and others in times of need. Equipping cadets with these skills will help to form their identity as NCDCC cadets, a community responder at heart.

Cadets will be trained in soft skills such as leadership, communication (including methods of instruction), relationship management and social awareness to get them ready for their leadership phase. They will also further hone their civil defence skills by going through one of the three cadet specialist tracks and be given leadership opportunities to lead their peers.

Cadets will make choices to serve their school and the wider community through public education platforms such as the NCDCC Service Month and Emergency Preparedness Day as advocates of Emergency Preparedness. With the civil defence knowledge and skills imparted to them, they will also be able to lend a helping hand as Community First Responders with a compassionate heart.



School level


  • Annual Unit Camp
  • Total Defence Bronze and Silver Training and Assessment
  • Footdrill Bronze and Silver Standard Training and Assessment
  • First Aid Proficiency
  • Campcraft Proficiency
  • Rescue Methods Proficiency
  • Fire Safety Proficiency
  • Hazmat Training
  • Civil Defence (CD) Knowledge 

HQ level


  • CPR-AED Training
  • Footdrill Gold and Unit Drill Instructors’ Course
  • Homefront Security Course
  • National level Parade Training for NDP, SCDF Day, Affirmation Day, etc.
  • National UG Camp
  • Overseas Exchange Camps
  • Specialisation tracks (Fire Safety, Medical Response and Urban Search and Rescue) 




·       Obtained SCDF-NCDCC Pinnacle Award 2020



·       Uniformed Group Overall Proficiency Assessment (UOPA) – Gold Award

·       Graduation of 3 cadets from the Unit Drill Instructors’ Course

·       Participation of 5 cadets in the NCDCC-Skills Up project

·       Obtained SCDF-NCDCC Pinnacle Award 2019


·       Uniformed Group Overall Proficiency Assessment (UOPA) – Gold Award

·       Obtained SCDF-NCDCC Pinnacle Award 2018

·       Graduation of 5 cadets from the Footdrill Gold Course

·       Graduation of 3 cadets from the Unit Drill Instructors’ Course

·       Participation of 2 cadets in the NCDCC-NYP CPR/AED Assessment as Co-trainers

·       Participation of 9 cadets at Emergency Preparedness Day in Taman Jurong and Ghim Moh

·       Participation of 4 cadets in the Inaugural Psychological First Aid course at SCDF HQ

  •   Participation in the Annual First Aid Championships organised by Red Cross Youths


Friday: 2.30pm to 5.30pm



Ms Jasmine Sujatha (Overall I/C)

Mr Phoon Wai Kit

Mr Joshua Lim

Ms Azria Binte Azman

Pinnacle Award.jpg

Unit Sergeant Major, Staff Sergeant Nurul Ellyana Binte Abdullah with her SCDF-NCDCC Pinnacle Award. This is the 3rd year running that Yuan Ching has been bestowed this award.

Instructor Course 2019.jpg

Proud graduands of the 13th Unit Drill Instructor Course, 2019
CCA Showcase 2020.jpg

CCA Showcase 2020