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Netball members participate in a range of activities to achieve a high fitness level as well as optimal skillfulness in the game.  This includes various physical training, essential ball-handling skills, foot work and court work.  Members also learn to work in a team and practice thinking on their feet when playing court games which they will have an opportunity to apply what they have learnt to friendly matches, carnivals and zonal competitions. Selected members would learn first-aid and umpiring skills in Netball.


During our ‘Day Camp’ and farewell for the seniors, members bond with one another through games and circle time. Whenever opportunities arise, our members would be exposed as supporters to Netball games played by Team Singapore or other international teams during Nations Cup and SEA Games.


As a team sport, we emphasize on the importance of teamwork, character building, values and skills. We believe the values learnt and skills imparted to them during their growing years will go a long way to contribute to their successes in the VUCA world ahead.



Every Netballer, a disciplined achiever who contributes actively towards team excellence.


  • Physical Training
  • Training on ball-handling skills, foot work and court work
  • Friendly matches
  • Carnivals
  • Zonals Competition
  • Day Camp
  • Spectatorship for International Netball Games
  • Values-in-Action Projects
  • Annual CCA affirmation ceremony for graduating seniors



  • West Zone Netball Championships 2020


  • West Zone Netball Championships 2019
  • Bukit Panjang Government High School Carnival
  • Sneakers Carnival
  • Play Inclusive 2019


  • West Zone Netball Championships 2018
  • Sneakers Carnival
  • ACTive Carnival


C & B Division

Tuesday and Thursday

3.00pm to 5.30pm


Ms Yeo Jie Ting (Overall I/C)

Miss Kelly Yeo Ee Ling

Miss Tan Mei See Ashley


C Div ACTive Carnival Team 2018.jpeg
C Div ACtive Carnival End Game Gathering 2018.jpg
C DIV ACtive Carnival End Game Gathering 2018

Sneakers Carnival 2019.jpg
Sneakers Carnival 2019

West Zone C Division 2019.jpg
West Zone C Division 2019 

West Zone B Division 2020.jpg
West Zone B Division 2020

Annual CCA affirmation ceremony for graduating senior 2019.jpg
Annual CCA Affirmation Ceremony for Graduating Senior 2019

West Zone C Division Team.jpg
West Zone C Division Team