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Dragon Boat

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Dragon boat is a sport CCA which aims to develop students to be mentally and physically strong. As it is a team sport, students participate in all aspects of the training together in order to perform as one during races. The values learnt and skills developed during their time in Dragon Boat serves to prepare our students to overcome challenges in their lives. 


Strength in Mind, Body and Spirit


To develop our members into exemplars of loyalty, perseverance and strength. 


-       Land trainings:

o   A combination of strength and endurance training to strengthen the students’ body and mind for the demands of the sport.

-       Water trainings:

o   Technical aspects of the sport, specifically paddling and body posture are taught and applied by the students.

-       Competitions:

o   Members are grouped into teams of 12-crew or 22-crew in their various divisions.

o   We send multiple teams to participate in races targeted at students such as Temasek Regatta and National Inter-school Dragon Boat Championships annually.

o   On top of that, our students also participate in open category competitions where they put their skills against adults.

o   Other than that, we also participate in novelty segments like mixed-crew races.


-          Bonding session and Seniors Appreciation:

o   As a large CCA with girls and boys teams, this is a good opportunity for all CCA members to get together.

o   This is usually held in the September holidays.

o   CCA leaders plan team bonding activities for the teams and also prepare personalized mementos for the out-going group of seniors to thank them for their contributions to the team.

-          Values-in-action programme

o   Seniors collaborate with PA Water-Venture to be a part of Project Blue Wave, which is aimed at keeping Singapore waters clean and at the same time promoting environmental awareness among Singaporeans.

Students volunteer to keep their home training ground, Jurong Lake clean during their training sessions. 



Temasek Regatta 2019

Female 10 crew:

Team A – 1ST


Boys 10 crew:

Team B– 3RD

National Inter-school Dragon Boat Championships

C Div BOYS 10 Crew (DB12) – 3RD

B Div GIRLS 20 Crew (DB22) – 2ND

B Div BOYS  20 Crew (DB22) – 3RD

Pesta Sukan

Millennials Mixed – Finalist



Temasek Regatta 2018

Female 10 crew:

Team B – 1ST

Team A – 3RD


Mixed 10 crew: 2ND

Male 10 Crew:

Team A – 4TH

Team B – 5TH

National Inter-school Dragon Boat Championships

C Div BOYS 10 Crew (DB12) – 2ND

C Div GIRLS 20 Crew (DB22) – 2ND

C Div BOYS 20 Crew (DB22) – 2ND

B Div GIRLS 20 Crew (DB22) – 3RD

B Div GIRLS 20 Crew (DB22) – 4TH

C Div GIRLS 10 Crew (DB12) – 4TH


Singapore National Games (SNG) Dragon Boat

DB12 SNG 200m Youth Girls – 3RD



Temasek Regatta 2017

10 crew (Women) – 1ST

20 crew (Men) – 1ST

10 crew (Women) – 4TH  

20 crew (Men) – 4TH

National Inter-school Dragon Boat Championships

B Div Girls 10 Crew (DB12)- 5TH

B Div Boys 10 Crew (DB12) – 5TH

C Div Girls 10 Crew (DB12) – 1ST

C Div Girls 20 Crew (DB22) – 1ST

C Div Boys 10 Crew (DB12) – 6TH

C Div Boys 20 Crew (DB22) – 3RD


Tuesdays 3.00pm to 6.15pm

Thursdays 3.00pm to 6.15pm



-    Ms Lee Chiew Yi (Overall I/C)

-       Mr C Ganesh

-       Mr Kevin Ang Wai Kit

-       Ms Fazeelah Khan Binte Pate Khan

-       Mr Amos Lee 

DB 1 - forming strong bonds as a team.jpg

Forming strong bond as a team

DB 2 - welcome our young dragons.jpg

Welcome our young dragons
DB - We are a Formidable team.jpg

We are a Formidable Team!

DB Put our hearts and souls into training.jpg

Put our heart and soul into training
Dragon Boat Training at Jurong Lake.jpg

Dragon Boat Training at Jurong Lake