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Media Resource Library

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Library CCA is a place where the school community can gain knowledge and skills for learning and personal development that is useful in life. We provide a reliable and accessible library, as well as information services which could help all users develop the ability to access, utilise and evaluate ideas and information.



Be the welcoming heart of our school where all can come to read, learn, discover and connect.


To serve as a platform to ignite the joy of reading, gain knowledge and life skills, and empower students to champion library activities. 

CCA Activities

  • Book Processing, Shelving and OPAC skills.
  • Thematic Displays based on school events and festivals, book reviews and sharing. 
  • Storytelling and competitions by CIVICA and NLB.

CCA Achievements/Participations


  •       Project Pair- Sec 1 Orientation Programme
  •       Teacher’s Day Project


  • ‘Prove It” Competition 2019

  • Values-In-Action project 2019 at St Andrew’s Nursing Home

  • Essay Writing Competition by CIVICA

  •      E-Book Competition 2018 by CIVICA
  •      Singapore StoryMaps Challenge 2018
  •      Values-In-Action project 2018 at My First Skool Taman Jurong


Tuesday: 3pm to 6pm 


  •        Miss Normalah Bte Baharin (Overall I/C)
  •        Ms Ek Ben Yee
  •        Mdm Josephine Chua (Library Officer)


Book Shelving.jpgBook Shelving

CCA DAY Fun with Charades.jpgCCA DAY - Fun with Charade

Teachers Day Appreciation 01.jpgTeachers Day Appreciation 02.jpg

Teachers' Day Appreciation

Teaching the senior Citizens using iPads.jpgTeaching the Senior Citizens Using iPads