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National Education

Citizenship Education

YCSS Head Heart Hands and Values-based National Education Framework 

In addition, it also weaves our school I ExCEL values of Integrity, Excellence, Compassion, Enterprise and Loyalty into our NE programmes which include Learning Journeys and Community Involvement Programme for all levels. 


The "Head, Heart and Hands" framework was recommended by the MOE's Committee on NE and guides the next phase of NE. The architectural principles of our NE framework are very simply, the 3Hs- Head, Heart Hands. 

"Head", "Heart" and "Hands" will be the focus of engagement at all levels, but with varying emphases as appropriate to the age and maturity of the students. 

In engaging the Head, we teach our students to Know the Singapore Story, to Think through and to Understand the issues facing Singapore. 

When we engage the Heart, we inspire our students to Love our nation, Appreciate what we stand for and feel that they Belong. 

In engaging the Hands, we equip and motivate our students to Contribute to our nation, to Create Singapore's future, and toLead in different fields of society. 

The three principles in the second ring - Quality, Customisation and Ownership, are guiding principles that underline all of the Committee's recommendation. As our students progress through the secondary levels, they should gradually move from understanding basic facts about our nation's past, to understanding how Singapore is evolving in the present. The outer-most ring represents three key groups of stakeholders that are involved in the delivery of NE - educators, students and the community. This reinforces the idea that NE is owned by everyone, and emphasizes the importance of community partners in the process of NE. 

The core R3ICH values in the MOE CME syllabus are namely, Respect, Responsibility, Resilience, Integrity, Care and Harmony,which form the foundation upon which good character is built. These values complement and reinforce National Education messages. They will guide students to discern between right and wrong, and will help them to not only make responsible choices, but also become more aware of their role in society.