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Environmental Education


Every Yuan Ching student an advocate for a sustainable future


Through the school’s Environmental Education (EE) programmes, our students will be more aware of the need for sustainable practices in everyday life. Grounded in values, they will go on to role model desirable actions related to sustainability and be advocates of the sustainable practices to others.


Our students experience EE through their daily lessons, Co-Curricular Activities (CCAs) and other school-wide programmes. Using the Head-Heart-Hands approach, the students will undergo experiential learning to better appreciate and internalise how our actions play a part towards a sustainable future.


We develop student leadership in sustainability through our Environment Champions (E-Champs) programme, by providing training opportunities for our E-Champs to advocate for sustainability in their classes and beyond. Our vibrant Environment Club (E-Club) partners with our community to spread the sustainability message through outreach talks and exhibitions.

Awards and Affirmation:

- Gold Award for Green Schools @ South West Programme (since 2009)

- Singapore Environmental Countil School Green Award - Kopsia (since 2018)

Key Programmes:

- Recycling Programme @ Yuan Ching

- Earth Hour and World Water Day School-Wide Programmes

- Assembly Talks on Sustainability

- Environment Champions Programme

- EE Values-in-Action Programme 

01 Paper and Plastic Recycling.png
Paper and Plastic Recycling           
02 E-Waste Recycling.png
E-Waste Recycling          
03 Assembly Talks on Sustainability.jpg
Assembly Talks on Sustainability
04 VIA by E-Club @TJ PCF.jpg
Values-In-Action (VIA) by E-Club @TJ PCF
05 Community Outreach by E-Club Promoting Zero-Waste.png
Community Outreach by E-Club Promoting Zero Waste
06 E-champs Workshop.png
E-Champs Workshop
07 Earth Hour Programme.png
Earth Hour Programme