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Physical Education


Teaching Staff

HOD / Physical Education and Co-Curricular Activities
Mr Liew Wei Sheng

SH / Physical Education and Co-Curricular Activities
Mdm Chai Jiamin

Department Teachers
Mr Lim Fang Kwan
Mr C. Ganesh
Mr Kevin Ang Miss Yeo Jie Ting
 Mr Foo Say Kin 

Key Programmes

The Physical Education Programme in Yuan Ching Secondary School builds on the foundation of quality movement laid at the primary school level. The students’ mature performance is enhanced across different specialised situations and physical activities, so that students become competent and enthusiastic participants.

Yuan Ching Secondary School offers six different physical activities. In these physical activities offered by the school, students will be provided with instruction and the opportunity to participate competently. They should also be able to carry out the physical activities independently and safely on their own beyond school.

Six Physical Activities offered in Yuan Ching Secondary School:
  • Athletics (Running – sprints, middle & distance running)
  • Athletics (Field events & team events)
  • Ultimate Frisbee (Territorial-Invasion)
  • Volleyball (Net-Barrier)
  • Softball (Striking-Fielding)
  • Elective Racket Game (Net-Barrier)

In addition to the six physical activities highlighted above, students will also experience Outdoor Education and Physical Health and Fitness modules at every level. 

Allocation of learning areas and physical activities by level is shown below: