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Mother Tongue languages


Teaching Staff

HOD Mother Tongue Languages
Mr Raymond Yeo

Senior Teacher (Chinese Language) 
Ms Yap Jen Huey 

Chinese Language
Malay Language
Tamil Language
Ms Goh Woon Xian 
Mdm Zubaidah Ariffin
Mr Segar Muniandy
Mdm Lim Yi Hui 
Ms Fazeelah Khan Mr Senduran Vasudevan
Mr Ma Yaping 
Miss Normalah Baharin
Mr Jamal Mohinitheen
Ms Nan Zhonghua
Ms Siti Nurshila 

Ms Ng Hui Si  
Mdm Musniffa Mustaffa
Ms Ong Fui Ping

Ms Voon Xin Yi

   Mdm Yak Guat Eng


A proficient use of MTL languages in all its forms is critical to each student’s intellectual, social and emotional development. When students are able to communicate effectively in MTL through talking and writing, reading comprehensively and analyzing information critically, they are able to gain necessary knowledge, skills and understandings of their own culture to enable them to live successfully and participate fully in society.

The MTL curriculum of the school is developed from MOE “Active learner, Proficient user” curriculum framework. Its strength lies in using an emphasis in using new technologies and tools to help students learn more effectively and enthusiastically. We also include cultural appreciation activities (eg MTL fortnights) to ensure students are always in touch with their own cultures and roots.

Key Programmes

Level Core Components Enrichment & Cultural Immersion Programmes
Secondary 1
  • Oracy Programme
  • Essay Writing Programme
  • Extensive Reading Programme
  • Journal Writing
  • Cultural Appreciation Programmes
  • Conversational Chinese and Malay Programme
  • MTL camp
Secondary 2
  • Cluster Oratorical training course 
  • Author-in-Residence Programme (CL)
  • Drama Appreciation Programme
  • Learning Journey to Chinatown, Kampong Glam, Little India
Secondary 3
  • Oracy Programme
  • Essay Writing Programme
  • Extensive Reading Programme
  • I-GPS Programme (Critical Thinking Skills Training)
  • Intensive Preparation for Mid-year ‘O’ Level Students
  • Debates
  • Drama Appreciation Programme
  • Overseas cultural Immersion Programme
Secondary 4/5
  • Drama Appreciation Programme

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