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Parent Support Group (PSG)

The tree’s broad trunk and deep roots symbolise the strong foundation of the PSG. The branches and leaves on the tree show how vibrant and fun the PSG activities are. At the heart of the tree, the PSG is a loving, compassionate and caring community. As the leaves and branches encompass the heart, the parent, the child and the educator are working in harmony. The PSG tree is growing, in its evergreen pasture of Yuan Ching Secondary School.


All parents equipped with support and skills working collaboratively to help the school progress.


Strengthening Family Bonds, Deepening Understanding, Enriching Partnerships


  1. Provide opportunities for families to bond together 
  2. Provide training for parents for better parenting competencies 
  3. Provide opportunities for networking between parent-school and parents-parents 
  4. Provide platforms for parents to contribute to the school 

Key Programmes:

  1. Project PAIR (PArents Involved in Reading) 
  2. Makan Jalan Excursion 
  3. Night Study Programme 
  4. Involvement in school activities (eg. Sports Day, Teachers’ Day, Cross-Country) 

The participation of the PSG resulted in providing moments where families can create memories and bond.



Mr. Azman Bin Ibrahim


Mdm. Janet Tan Soek Mui

Mdm. Pauline See Siok Geam


Mdm. Vivienne Chong Hwee Ling

Asst. Secretary: 

Mdm. Siti Juliyana Bte Yusoff


Mdm. Lim Boon Yen

Asst. Treasurer:

Mdm. Wong Tau Mei 

Committee Members:

Mr. Robin Char Yeng Keang

Mdm. Jenny Tan Bee Bee

Mdm. Norin Zarina Bte Otsman 

Mdm. Lau Mun Leing

Mdm. Debbie Tay Bee Hoon

Mdm. Angie Ng Lee Chin

Graduation Ceremony 2020.jpg
4NA Graduation Ceremony 2020 (Sep 2020)


Ethnic Celebrations (Jan 2020) 

PSG Annual General Meeting (Jan 2020) – Renewal of leadership

Family Day 2019.jpg

PSG Family Day (Nov 2019)
Family Day 2019 II.jpg

PSG Family Day Photo 2 (Nov 2019)
Compass Kit 2019.jpg

Making of the Compass Kit to encourage graduating students (Aug 2019)
Night Study 2019.jpg

Night Study – Snacks to motivate the grad students to press on (Sep 2019)
Parenting Talks 2019.jpg

Parenting Talks – Equipping the parents with skills to communicate with their children 
(Mar 2019)
Fathers @ School 2019.jpg

Fathers@School 2019 – Fostering a stronger father-child bond