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Alumni Yuan Ching (AYC) was officially formed in 2005. AYC strives towards being the bridge between the Alumni of Yuan Ching and the school. This allows for Alumni to continue to support the school in its programmes, at the same time provides the opportunity for Alumni to maintain quality relationships with each other and the school.

The organisation structure of Alumni Yuan Ching consist of the AYC Executive Committee (EXCO) and the AYC Youth Wing (YW). Together with the school, AYC will plan and organise activities for the Alumni of Yuan Ching and the school population. The committee hopes that these activities will help foster bonds and loyalty to the school.

Key Programmes

  • Alumni Gathering
  • Involvement in School Activities
    • CCAs involvement
    • Sharing sessions (Assembly Talks/ Education and Career Guidance Talks)


Alumni Gatherings

Alumni Homecoming after WEAVE Arts Festival (May 2016)

AYC Gathering 2016 (Nov 2016)

Involvement in School Activities

Alumnus speaking to students during morning assembly (2015)

Inspiring the graduating students by our Alumnus during Graduation Assembly (2015)

Sharing by Alumnus about Culinary Arts Industry during Education and Career Guidance Fair (2016)

Sharing by Alumnus about Learning Institutions beyond secondary school during Education and Career Guidance Fair (2016)

Organisation Structure AYC

AYC Executive Committee AYC Youth Wing
Chairman: Mr Zulkifli Ibrahim
Vice Chairman: Mr Teo Tat Yong
Secretary: Mr Vincent Chan Voon Shen 
Treasurer: Ms Sandy Su
Asst Treasurer: Colynn Chew
Teacher Liaison: Mr Chen Zhanjiang
Chairman: Mr Muizzu Bin Hamzah
Vice Chairman: Ms Emmaline Woo
Committee Members:
Mr Wong Meng Teng
Mr Elson Pang
Mr Sooreiya Pillai
Mr Ralph Tauson
Mr Tan Yan Jun

Alumni Yuan Ching Official Facebook