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2020 O Level Prelim


The O level Prelim Timetable will be held from 27 Aug (Thur) - 18 Sep (Fri). Click here for the schedule. 

Weighted Assessment 2 (WA 2)


Weighted Assessment 2 will be conducted from 27 July to 4 Aug. Click here to access the schedule. 

Sec 1-3 Weekly CCA and Remedial Schedule


Click here for the Semester 2 Sec 1 -3 Weekly CCA and Remedial Schedule.

'N" Level Prelim Timetable


Click here for 'N' Level Prelim Timetable.

2020 Weekly Remedial Semester 2


Click here for the Sec 4 & 5 Weekly Remedial & CCA Structure schedule, which starts on Term 3 Week 3.

Parents' Connect 2020


Click here for the June & July Issue of our YCSS Parents' Connect.  

Passing of Yuan Ching's founding Principal

It saddens us that Yuan Ching's founding Principal, Mr Chou We Chuan, has passed away on 30 May 2020 and his funeral is on 31 May 2020.  
Read more about the late Mr Chou. 

School Re-Opening Information in Term 3


Please click here for the Principal's letter on the school re-opening information for Term 3. 

Information Site for Home-Based Learning

Students on HBL are to check the HBL Link for the work assigned. 
YCSS HBL Link for students: https://go.gov.sg/ycss-hbl

Updates on COVID-19


Please refer to this link for updates on COVID-19.

YC Scoop

Click on the links below to access the latest issue of YC Scoop.


We would like to inform that photograph(s) or video image(s) of you and/or your child may be captured at our school events. We may use and publish such photographs and/or video recordings in school publications, website, social media channels, and other official school communication channels. Please inform your child's form teacher via letter or email if you do not want any of your child's photograph(s)/video(s) to be used. 

Collection of School Graduation Certificates (SGCs)

SGCs for 2019 Sec 4/5 are ready for collection from the school General Office during Office hours (Monday – Friday 8.00 am to 5.00 pm excluding eve of public holidays and public holidays). Please bring along your Identify Card / Student Pass for verification.

For collection by Proxy, please bring along candidate’s original Identity Card/Student Pass, Proxy’s Original Identity Card and an authorization letter from the candidate.