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Updates on COVID-19

12 June 2020
Extension of Temporary Support for Financial Assistance Scheme (FAS) students for June and July 2020
MOE FAS students will be getting top-ups to their School Smartcard for the month of June and July 2020. Please refer to this letter for more details.  

9 June 2020
Commencement of eCCA sssions
Due to COVID-19, school programmes that involve inter-mingling of students between classes/schools, such as CCA meetings, remain suspended. In order to support students’ holistic development, Yuan Ching Secondary will be providing the delivery of CCA via digital means (eCCA). These allow essential elements of school activities to be retained, while allowing your child/ward to further develop their personal mastery of skills/craft or other holistic aspects at home. 
The attendance of your child/ward for the eCCA sessions is optional but highly encouraged. More details of eCCA will be provided on our school’s Home-Based Learning website starting from week 3. The link is provided below. We thank you for your partnership in supporting the holistic growth of your child/ward.

9 June 2020
MOE Expanded Surveillance Testing for COVID-19
We hope that your child is adjusting well to Term 3.

Since 2 Jun, the government has expanded surveillance testing for COVID-19. We would like to share MOH’s guidelines and what it means for our students.

Parents/guardians should accompany their children who are unwell, with respiratory symptoms like cough, sore throat and runny nose, to see a doctor and be assessed for Acute Respiratory Infection (ARI). If diagnosed with ARI:

-     Students (13 years and above) will be prioritised for COVID-19 testing and referred for testing at a polyclinic, designated GP clinic participating in the Swab-and-Send-Home initiative or Regional Screening Centre set up by HPB.

-     Students (12 years and below) will be assessed by the doctor as to whether a test is required, as younger children may require different clinical considerations than older children. Those who do not require a test will be issued a 5-day MC and should stay home. If he/she is still unwell at the end of 5 days, he/she should return to the same doctor for follow-up assessment and may be referred to KKH/NUH for a test.

Student pass with NRIC/FIN number is required for testing.

Please note that there may be exceptions, depending on the professional judgement of the doctor.

Testing will also apply to school staff, complementing the other safe management measures put in place in our schools to safeguard student well-being. For more details, please refer to the MOE FAQs.

Stay safe and healthy!

30 May 2020
Resource Kit - Parent Kit - Back to School
With the end of the Circuit Breaker on 1 June 2020, we enter the phase of safe opening. 2 June 2020 marks the beginning of a brand new school term. This new term with new arrangements and routines will be a new normal for all of us. We hope that this issue of Parent Kit will help you to understand Back to School arrangements better and how you can guide your children to adjust back to school. We also ask for your support to keep out school and children safe, as you have done before the start of Full HBL. Pages 7-10 of the Parent Kit provides information on how you can do so. 
In Yuan Ching Sec, we are working behind the scene to prepare our school to ensure the safety of our students so that learning can continue when school re-opens. We look forward to welcoming our students back in school!

Resource Kit - Parent Kit - Back to School (updated as at 11 June 2020)

29 May 2020

School Re-Opening Information for Term 3

With reference to the MOE announcement dated 20 May 2020, the school will resume on 2 June 2020 (Tuesday) for Term 3. To ensure the safety of our students, the school will be putting in place several safe management measures. 

School Term 3 (1st Part)2 June to 17 July 2020
Mid Term Break18 July to 26 July 2020
School Term 3 (2nd Part) 27 July to 4 Sept 2020 
 School September Holidays5 Sept to 13 Sept 2020 

In addition to enable a phased approach to the re-opening of schools in Phase 1 of the national safe re-opening, the following will be the arrangements for attendance in school and Home Based Learning (HBL).

Term & WeekDatesLevels to have lessons in SchoolLevels to have Home-Based Learning (HBL)
T3W12 - 5 JuneS1, S2, S4 & S5S3
T3W28 - 12 JuneS3, S4 & S5S1, S2
 T3W315 - 19 June S1, S2, S4 & S5  S3
T3W4  22 - 26 JuneS3, S4 & S5  S1, S2

School Safe Management Measures for Term 3

1. Staggered Reporting and Dismissal Times. The school will be putting in place several safe management measures such as staggered reporting times and dismissal times to avoid congestion at the bus-stops and the MRT Trains. We coordinated with Jurong Secondary School to work out the following new reporting and dismissal times for each level for Term 3.

Sec 1

DayReporting TimeDismissal Time
Monday7.55 am2.30 pm
Tuesday7.55 am2.30 pm
Wednesday  8.30 am3.25 pm 
 Thursday 7.40 am 2.20 pm
Friday  7.40 am 12.35 pm 

Sec 2

DayReporting TimeDismissal Time
Monday7.40 am2.20 pm
Tuesday7.40 am2.20 pm
Wednesday  8.15 am3.15 pm 
 Thursday 7.55 am 2.30 pm
Friday  7.55 am 12.45 pm 

Sec 3

DayReporting TimeDismissal Time
Monday7.55 am2.30 pm
Tuesday7.55 am2.30 pm
Wednesday  8.30 am3.25 pm 
 Thursday 7.40 am 2.20 pm
Friday  7.40 am 12.35 pm 

Sec 4 & 5

DayReporting TimeDismissal Time
Monday7.40 am2.20 pm
Tuesday7.40 am2.20 pm
Wednesday  8.15 am3.15 pm 
 Thursday 7.55 am 2.30 pm
Friday  7.55 am 12.45 pm 

2. Twice Daily Temperature-Taking and Wearing of Face Masks/ Face Shields. Students will be visually-screened at the school gate and will report directly to their respective classrooms. Temperature-taking will be conducted by the Form Teachers to ensure the well-being of out students. Hence, all students are to bring along a thermometer to school every day. A 2nd temperature-taking will be conducted if there are after-school activities. All students are required to put on a face mask or face shield at all times in school, except when doing physical exercises during PE lessons, or when consuming food during recess and wellness break.

3. Bring a Water Bottle and Food Container. To minimise the use of plastics and play out part in environmental conservation, all students are strongly encouraged to bring their own water bottle to collect water from the water coolers. Avoid drinking directly from the water coolers for hygiene reasons. During recess, students are allowed to consume their food at their own seats in the classroom if they bring their food containers to take away food from the canteen, as seats in the canteen are limited due to social distancing measures. Recess times will also be staggered further for every level. Students should wash their utensils at home and wipe down their area of use with the soap solution provided in the canteen and the classrooms.

4. Safe-keeping and Proper Handling of Masks. For the convenience for our students, the school will issue a Ziploc bag to all students for them to keep their mask hygienically during PE and recess periods. Form Teachers will guide them in a properly labelling their Ziploc bag with their name and class. All students will also receive a 50ml bottle of hand sanitizer and a 500ml bottle for refill.

5. Return Home Immediately After School. All students are to return home immediately after school if they do not have after-school activities. They should not congregate at any place in school or meet-up with friends outside of school.

6. Stay Safe and Healthy.  Please continue to encourage your child/ward to have 8 hours of sleep and maintain a balanced diet so that he/she can re-acclimatise to school life as soon as possible. At the school level, teachers will also be vigilant in looking after the well-being of your child/ward so that he/she can learn safely and learn effectively. If your child/ward exhibits fever or flu-like symptoms, or is staying with household members who are unwell with flu-like symptoms, he/ she should not come to school, but is to inform the Form Teacher. 

Click here for more details on the measures and arrangements. Our teachers will continue to monitor the well-being of your child and be in regular contact with you. As partners in education, we thank you for your support and understanding in going through the post-circuit breaker period together.

Cancellation of MOE-OBS Challenge Programme 5-Day Course - SEC 3 STUDENTS ONLY

Due to our continuing efforts in implementing social distancing measures to manage COVID-19 and to ensure the well-being of our students, we regret to inform you that your child’s 5-day course at OBS from 3 August 2020 to 7 August 2020 has been cancelled. We apologise for any inconvenience caused and we seek your kind understanding in this matter. For more information, you may contact the school’s MOE-OBS Challenge Programme Coordinator, Mdm Chai Jiamin, SH/PE&CCA, at chai_jiamin@moe.edu.sg

For updates on the COVID-19 situation, you can visit moh.gov.sg or sign up at go.gov.sg/whatsapp to receive the latest information via Whatsapp.

6 April

Full Home-Based Learning Letter to Parents
Please click here for the Principal's letter and what you can expect when Full HBL commences. 

31 March

Update on HBL and COVID-19 Related Measures
In light of the developing COVID-19 situation in Singapore, we have put in place strict precautionary measures over the past two months to keep our school a safe environment for our students, and to allow students to continue learning. 
Our school will be conduction Home-Based Learning (HBL) on Thursdays, starting from 2 Apr 2020 (Thurs).
Please click here for important details about HBL, and other measures that we have put in place. 
Refer to HBL - Info Site for the HBL Schedule. 

27 March
One day Home-Based Learning (HBL) a week from 1 Apr

Since the COVID-19 outbreak, schools have been implemented a strict regime of precautionary measures to keep our students safe. To better support safe distancing, our schools will progressively transit to a blended learning model, while continuing to remain open. 

From Wed, 1 Apr, schools will introduce one day a week of HBL for each level:
- Pri: Every Wed
- Sec: Every Thurs
- JC/CI: Every Fri

This allows students and parents to be better prepared for more days of HBL, should the situation call for it.

MOE has further enhanced our precautionary measures to include staggered dismissal times and continued suspension of CCAs for the rest of Term 2. 
Click here for more information.

Schools will give detailed instructions soon. We seek your support to guide our children through this together, and remind them to practise good personal hygiene at home. Keep them safe by encouraging them to head home immediately after school.

Thank you and stay safe.

23 March
Social Responsibility in Safeguarding the Well-being of our School Community
Click here for the latest letter from the Principal.

19 March
Schools and Kindergartens to Re-Open with Enhanced Precautionary Measures.
Schools and kindergartens will re-open for Term 2 on 23 March 2020 (Monday) as planned. There will be enhanced precautionary measures to keep our students and staff in school sand preschool safe. 

Click here for the latest MOE press release. 

16 March
MOE-Travel advisory against all non-essential travel abroad
With immediate effect, Singaporeans are advised to defer all non-essential travel abroad. This advisory will apply for 30 days, and will be reviewed thereafter. This is to reduce risk of Singaporeans contracting COVID-19 while overseas during this global pandemic.

Singapore has also increased border restrictions to more countries, including all ASEAN countries, Japan, Switzerland and the United Kingdom, with a 14-day Stay-Home-Notice (SHN) for arrivals from 16 Mar 11.59pm, with exemption of those travelling into Singapore from Malaysia via sea or land. Click to access MOH's press release for more information.

You are advised to review your travel plans during the March school holidays, and check the MOH website for the latest measures as well as a list of countries that are subject to SHN requirements.

Should there be changes to your child's travel plans, please amend your travel declarations on Parents Gateway by 17 Mar, Tuesday. Click here for further information on how to amend Travel Declarations on PG.

Thank you and stay safe.

9 March
Travel Declaration 
In line with MOH's travel advisories, students should defer all travel to Hubei Province and avoid non-essential travel to affected areas, namely the rest of mainland China, South Korea, Japan, northern Italy and Iran. Parents are to declare any travel plans that you may have for the March holidays through the Parents Gateway App (Services.Declare Travels) by 11 Mar 2020 (Wed). Only one parent is required to declare. If your child/ward is travelling, please indicate clearly both country and city/cities of travel, including trips to Johor Bahru and any city of transit. A declaration is also required if you do not have any travel plans.

If there is a change of travel plans after you have declared, please inform the school directly by contacting the General Office at 62612489.
Please refer to the attached advisory for details on the Stay-at Home Notice (SHN).
Thank you for your partnership and support to keep our school safe.

24 February
Deferment of Active Youth Recharge Programme for selected students involved in the programme
In view of the current 2019 Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation, taking guidance from the Ministry of Health's (MOH) advisory of the raised DORSCON level and in line with MOH's more cautious stance with the vulnerable groups, HPB will be deferring all non-essential community-based events and activities that primarily reach out to the seniors and children, until further notice.
Thus the Active Youth Recharge sessions happening in schools will be deferred with immediate effect. 

5 February

Additional Measures Taken Regarding the 2019-Novel Coronavirus Situation
In line with enhanced precautions announced by MOE, the school will be adopting the following measures:
  • Postponing or cancelling cohort activities. These include:
1) Cancelled : Historical Investigation for Sec 2s in Feb
2) Postponed: 41st Cross Country for all students on 7 Mar
3) Cancelled: Geographical Investigation for Sec 4 Geography students on 16 or 17 Mar
4) Cancelled: Cohort Camp for Sec 2s on 23 Mar

  • Arranging CCA/enrichment sessions to be conducted in smaller groups
  • Holding morning assemblies in classroom and suspending programmes requiring students to gather in the Hall
  • Reviewing Values-In-Action (VIA) activities
  • Staggering recess timings

We will contine to review the precautionary measures to ensure that Yuan Ching Secondary remains a safe and healthy learning environment for all our students. Further updates will be shared via Parents Gateway, Parents' Connect or by your child's teachers. 

We have also put in additional guidelines for schools with immediate effect, including the second temperature taking done for all staff and students who are taking part in after-school activities including CCAs. We have also implemented visitor screening where all visitors to the school will have their temperature taken and they have to submit their recent travel declarations.

Please click here for letter for parents on the additional measures taken by the school. 

For more updates on COVID-19, please refer to https://www.moh.gov.sg/covid-19.

28 January

Leave of Absence & Temperature Taking - Additional Precautionary Measures to Manage Spread of 2019-nCoV

Please ensure your child brings an Oral Digital Thermometer to school from 29 Jan onwards.
If your child has returned from mainland China on 15 Jan or later, he/she will be placed on Leave of Absence (LOA) for a period of 14 days, starting from the first day after return. 

Please click here for the nCoV update letter for parents.