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Financial Assistance Scheme (FAS)

Students who are experiencing financial difficulties can apply for various schemes.

Ministry of Education (MOE) Financial Assistance Scheme

Eligibility Criteria

The student is a Singapore Citizen and meets one of the following conditions:
(a) The family's Gross Household Income does not exceed $2,750 per month or
(b) The family’s per capita Household Income (PCI) does not exceed $690*

*PCI is gross monthly household income divided by number of members in the household. E.g., household with a gross monthly income of $3,000 but 5 members will qualify, as PCI is $600.

The scheme provides for: 
  • Full waiver of school fees of $5.00 per month
  • Full waiver of standard miscellaneous fees of $10.00 per month
  • Textbook grant - textbooks and writing materials in the approved book list
  • Free school attire, on a need basis – 2 sets of uniforms, 2 sets of PE attire, 2 pairs of socks and 1 pair of shoes
  • Transport voucher of $15 per month for students taking public transport
  • School Meals Programme of $29 per school week

Application Process

Application forms are available from the General Office. Please return the completed form to the General Office and the office staff will get back to you.

Parents/ guardians with children in different schools need to submit only one application form for all their school-going children/ wards to one of their schools. The school which receives the application form will inform the parents/ guardians of the outcome for all the children. 

Other Information

Parents/ guardians who need additional help can approach their child’s/ ward’s school for further financial assistance. Schools can also help students from low-income households to own a new computer at an affordable price through IDA’s NEU PC Plus Programme. For details about the NEU PC Plus Programme, please visit www.ida.gov.sg/neupc or contact Tel: 6684 8858.

School Advisory Committee (SAC) Financial Assistance Scheme


  1. Student is a Singapore citizen and does not qualify for MOE FAS,
  2. Gross household Income does not exceed $4,000 per month or Gross family per capita income is not more than $1000 per month, and
  3. Good conduct and at least 80% attendance in school.

The scheme provides:
  • Payment of school fees / miscellaneous fees and / or,
  • Payment of textbooks and / or,
  • Payment of school attire.