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Principal's Message

Yuan Ching Secondary School just celebrated our 40th birthday  in 2018. In Confucius’ words, when one reaches 40, he should be firmly grounded and be free from perplexities. Yuan Ching has come a long way since the school’s inception in 1978. There were trials and tribulations and there were turbulent times. We were fortunate to have Yuan Ching pioneers who led the school with grit and fortitude, staff who served with one-mindedness, parents and students who braved the odds, and our community stakeholders who stood by us in riding through the tidal waves to where we are today.

Today’s Yuan Ching is committed to our mission of ‘Enriching Minds, Unleashing Potential, Impacting Lives’ through a robust curriculum and co-curriculum that develop our students holistically. Achievement is defined by the multiplication of skills and effort; while performance is a product of drive and habit. Yuan Ching’s motto of ‘Efforts Today, Rewards Tomorrow’ epitomises the consistent drive towards excellence as every student strives to be ‘A Thinker, An Achiever, and A Concerned Citizen’. Navigating a VUCA world requires our students to adopt a growth mindset to embrace lifelong learning, risk-taking and failing forward. They need to be critical thinkers and be adept in communicating and collaborating with various networks.  Above all, they must develop a strong moral compass and resiliency, and become worthy citizens of Singapore.  The school’s Learning-for-Life Programme –gRowing Values Through Sports and Outdoor Experiences, and our Applied Learning Programme in Marine Robotics aim to develop these attributes and mindsets.

I envision Yuan Ching to be vibrant community, one that is bursting with positive energy from youths who exude confidence in every stride that they take; youths who are advocates of social causes that they care deeply for, and youths who flourish because they have found meaning, purpose, positive emotions, accomplishment and engagement in their pursuit of their aspirations, interests and talents.

With an endowment of a rich social capital comprising of a strong Parent Support Group, supportive School Advisory Committee and Alumni, together with our team of very dedicated staff, I am confident that Yuan Ching will continue to thrive in many years to come.