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Principal's Message

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Yuan Ching Secondary School’s distinctive identity and culture is defined by her people. Our school has come a long way since its inception in 1978. We would not have been here if not for the resourcefulness, responsibility and resilience of our pioneers of Yuan Ching. Over the years, we have nurtured many generations of both staff and students who share the YCS heartbeat and spirit. As a team, my staff and I are committed to our school mission of ‘Enriching Minds, Unleashing Potential, Impacting Lives’ to support our students’ holistic development.

The future is a dynamic one. New ideas, knowledge and technology will shape the workplace in a rapidly changing society. Our values too, will be challenged in an increasingly globalised world. To prepare our students to be future-ready, we must look beyond the 4 to 5 years of education they have with us here. We must seek to ground our students in strong moral values which will then guide them for life. We need to inculcate in them a lifelong passion for learning so that they will continually seek opportunities to improve themselves, adapt to changes and to excel as an individual and in teams. It is with this in mind that we envision every YCS student to be ‘A Thinker, An Achiever and A Concerned Citizen’.

YCS's motto of ‘Efforts Today, Rewards Tomorrow' ; is a life motto, an action call for students to put in the needed hard work in order to reap the benefits of their learning and to be contributing members of society. Character development is a top priority in YCS. We believe that a sound and strong character must come first for it lays the very foundation for success in every human endeavour. We will continue to strengthen our heart-ware and help our students to imbibe the school values of IExCEL (Integrity, Excellence, Compassion, Enterprise and Loyalty).

Teachers lie at the heart of all that we do in education. They are the key to unlocking the potential in our students. As dedicated educators, we strive to embody qualities of care, compassion, creativity, charity and continuous learning to enhance our students’ development. Strong relationships with our students provide the bedrock for nurturing their learning and development.

My vision for YCS is that we will be an innovative and dynamic learning community, a caring and gracious family and a connected school with the community. I am confident that YCS will continue to be a beacon of light in the western part of Singapore, and a bearer of hope to those who enter her gates.