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Our Yuan Ching Story

Yuan Ching Secondary School was established in January 1978 as an English and Chinese integrated school. It started with 11 Sec 1 classes, 18 teaching staff and 11 non-teaching staff in the morning session. The pioneer principal was Mr Chou We Chuan who designed the school badge, and wrote the school motto and the lyrics of the school song. The school motto “Efforts Today, Rewards Tomorrow” was translated from the Chinese version “今日耕耘,明日长青”, which comprised the Chinese School name 耘青 derived from the Chinese name of Yuan Ching Road (园景路).

The school was officially opened by Mr Ho Kah Leong, MP for Jurong on 28 Aug 1980. By 1980, the student population had increased substantially and the school started to function in two sessions. It became an English medium school when the last batch of Chinese medium students graduated in 1987. Between 1987 and 1990, the school was also a pre-university centre that offered Arts and Commerce courses.

The school came under MOE's PRIME (Project for Renovating & Improving Existing Schools) from Jun 2006 to Dec 2008. It was completely rebuilt with brand new buildings and facilities on the same site under PRIME. The new school design focuses on creating an innovative, learner-centred learning environment, facilitating independent learning and group work, promoting social interaction for social emotional learning and personal growth; showcasing performing/visual arts and students' academic work; and recognising student and staff achievements. Facilities include innovatively designed classrooms with resource corners, outdoor study terrace, school-wide wireless network, air-conditioned Reading Room, IT Robotics Laboratory, AV Theatrette, Dance and Music Studios, outdoor performing stage, Health & Fitness Gym, eco-science learning garden, Student Hub and staff lounge.

To provide an enriching and holistic learning experience for students, the school has designed varied learning experiences using Differentiated Instruction, Project Work using Problem-Based Learning approach and Assessment for Learning. Teaching and learning practices leverage a wireless environment with mobile technology/e-Learning/Media-Literacy/ICT Enrichment/Digital Art. Other key programmes include, Media Literacy, EL/MT Language learning through On-line Oral Portal, Mother Tongue Culture Appreciation, CL Authors-in-Residence, Conversational CL/ML, ACE Math e-Learning and Arts Education. To cultivate every child to be ‘A Thinker’, the school promotes a culture of reading and reflection via an interdisciplinary and integrated Reading Programme. The value-added outcomes in the national examinations bear testimony to the success of our teaching and learning approaches.

Our approach to values education is through an integrated Character & Citizenship Education programme which incorporates Values-in-Action, Environmental Education and Trips for Internationalisation Experience. Leveraging community partners, the school enhances the learning experiences of students through creative programmes such as Your Voice Our Commitment, Project ACT (Active Contributors Think) and Values of the Month (VOTM). 

To promote a caring and collaborative school culture, programmes such as Sports Education (Dragon Boat/Kayaking/Ultimate Frisbee/Aikido/Tchoukball), Sec 1 SwimSafer/Lifesaving, Dragon Boat Orientation, Outdoor Education (Sec 1 Orientation Camp/Sec 2 Overseas Cultural Appreciation/Adventure Camp/Sec 3 Confidence Challenge Camp) and Mini-Marathon are in place. Our Student Leadership Development modules develop the leadership competencies of every child and groom them to be ‘Concerned Citizens’. 

In 2013 , the school was accorded the niche status for its ‘Dragon Boat - gRowing Values’ programme. In line with our core values of "I ExCEL" - Integrity, Excellence, Compassion, Enterprise & Loyalty, the niche programme builds students’ physical and mental strength, and creates opportunities for them to experience the joy, trials and tribulations of being a part of a team sport. The success of the niche programme can be seen from the dragon boat teams’ extensive participation and contributions at community and school events. Building trust-based relationships, the dragon boat teams have also demonstrated high levels of initiative, and enterprise and achieved standards of excellence at national levels.