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Our School Song & Crest

Our SchoOl Song

In the town of Jurong, Stands our Yuan Ching School.
The students of our school, The Nation's future leaders.
Efforts today, Rewards tomorrow.
We love our People and We love our Nation too.
Be strong, be healthy; Be a man of character.
Learning and working must have, Beginning and end.
Strive hard for progress, Act as good pioneers.
When you have success in life, Forget not Yuan Ching School.

Our School Crest


Symbols: Rotary Wheel : symbolises
Progress and continuous improvement

Students holding hands
A caring, supportive and close-knit school community, valuing strong partnership with stakeholders and partners

Radiating sun formation
Where the source of learning shines and energizes a passion for life long learning and whole-child development


Radiance from the sun; compassion and loyalty

Steadfastness, strength and integrity

Resilience of youth, excellence and enterprise